Inspirica’s Approach ToSAT Subject Test Preparation


Inspirica was the first tutoring firm in the world to prepare students for the SAT Subject Tests more than 30 years ago. When we started, SAT Subject Tests were required by almost every competitive college and university. More recently, colleges have changed their requirements—some schools require SAT Subject Tests and for others these tests are optional. This change has given savvy students a way to differentiate themselves. Those who are applying to the very top tier of colleges are now taking more SAT Subject Tests than are required to stand out with additional high scores. Students applying to schools for whom subject tests are now optional are giving themselves a competitive advantage by taking SAT Subject Tests that they know they can do well on, banking more strong scores for consideration.

We have seen and analyzed every SAT Subject Test that has been published over the past 30 years. As a result, we know every permutation and variation of question type and have created our own proprietary test strategies using our vast knowledge of the tests. We have seen each type of question and every variation of question type. Additionally, on a pedagogical and psychological level, we have worked with every type of student, and we will know how best to inspire and motivate your child to achieve his or her personal best score on each SAT Subject Test.

Our approach is, of course, personalized, and each tutor uses the initial diagnostic to craft an individualized course of action focusing primarily on shoring up strengths and attending to areas that need support. Our preparation has both a strategic and a psychological component because scoring well means going into the test with both a mastery of the material and an attitude of confidence and success.

Contact us and we will help you and your child strategically choose which SAT Subject Tests to prepare for and when to take them. Then we will move forward, creating a uniquely customized tutoring plan that’s targeted and time-efficient and that we are confident will give your student the best chance for a great score.

SAT Subject Test Preparation Offered by Inspirica

  • Biology E/M
  • Chemistry
  • French
  • Literature
  • Math I and II
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • World History

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my child’s score improve through tutoring?
Inspirica’s tutors are experts at helping students achieve their maximum potential on the SAT Subject Tests. With the guidance, support, and strategies we offer, our students will be in the best possible position to succeed on the test. Specific score improvement goals will vary from student to student. Once we get to know you and your child, we can help you shape those goals and make a plan to reach them.
How much tutoring should my child complete?
The number of sessions any given student needs depends on many factors: how much time the student has until the test date, what his or her goals are, and how much work needs to be done to achieve those goals. Some students require only a few hours of tutoring, while others meet frequently over the course of months or longer. Every student is unique, and Inspirica's Educational Consultants and expert tutors will evaluate each student's circumstances in order to uniquely tailor a tutoring program to fit any situation. For a typical SAT Subject Test preparation program, most students are able to achieve their goals by meeting with their Inspirica tutor once per week for two hours until the test date.
How many SAT Subject Tests do most colleges require?
Colleges vary quite a bit in their recommendations and requirements for SAT Subject Tests. Most top schools ask for two, but some ask for three. Even when a school only recommends SAT Subject Tests, it’s a good idea to follow that recommendation as if it were a requirement. Even if SAT Subject Tests are optional at one of your target schools, a great performance on the SAT Subject Tests is an opportunity to highlight further academic achievement and show your student’s interests and skills.
Given that 20 different SAT Subject Tests are offered, which should my child take?
There are a few things to consider when choosing which SAT Subject Tests to take. The two biggest considerations are the student’s skills and the requirements or recommendations of your target colleges. Once we get to know you and your student, Inspirica’s Educational Consultants can help you select the right package of SAT Subject Tests.
When is the ideal time to take an SAT Subject Test? When should my child start preparing for these tests?
Preparing for the SAT Subject Tests is often timed to compliment a student’s preparation for the SAT or ACT. This means that these tests are frequently taken in the spring of a student’s junior year of high school or in the fall of his or her senior year. That said, it is often advantageous to time these tests to coincide with the end of a term during which the student completes the related academic course in school in May or June.
What is a good score on SAT Subject Tests?
SAT Subject Tests have a score range of 200–800. Some have subscores that provide additional detail about the student’s performance. A good score depends on the goals of an individual student, target schools, and the rest of a student’s application. Once we get to know you and your child, we can help you shape those goals and make a plan to reach them.
Does Inspirica offer mock tests?
Inspirica uses full-length practice test material to administer mock tests under realistic conditions. These tests are used to help gauge a student’s progress at different points during the tutoring program. In analyzing the results, our expert tutors go beyond the numbers: talking with the student and looking at what he or she has written on the test booklet to get a full picture of the improvement level and what else needs to be done to complete test preparation.

SAT Subject Test Preparation 101

The SAT Subject Tests are short one-hour tests covering any one of 20 subjects. These subjects range from conventional academic fare such as math, literature, or history to more niche areas such as the study of Korean as a foreign language. Where the SAT is a reasoning test intended to measure generalized reasoning ability, Subject Tests are an opportunity for a student applying to college to press home an area of exceptional strength. If, for example, a student is exceptionally strong in math and science, Math Level II and Physics might be suitable choices. More humanities-oriented students may opt for Literature and World History. Which Subject Tests ought to be taken is up to the student, but how many Subject Tests to take is up to each individual college. Schools vary in their requirements: some do not explicitly request them, whereas others require as many as three! If you decide to take Subject Tests, Inspirica has tutors highly qualified to tutor any of the subjects. Each Subject Test tutor is an expert not only in the subject covered but also in the test itself. Your Inspirica tutor will be able to round out your student’s knowledge of core content and offer strategic support to help your child move efficiently through these tests, ultimately culminating in a great score.