College Entrance Tests


Since opening our doors in 1983 as the first tutoring company in the world to tutor one-on-one for college entrance exams, Inspirica has been the “go-to” firm for students and families aiming for entrance into competitive US colleges and universities. We base our work on the understanding that each child is unique and therefore each program must be custom designed using whatever tools and techniques are just the right fit to inspire your child to attain an exceptional score.

We have analyzed every published exam in the past three decades. We have a dedicated team of experts whose job it is to create exceptional proprietary techniques and materials based on the most current research.

Our most powerful tool is the Inspirica Agnostic Diagnostic, a proprietary test that allows our experts to recommend the best test for your student to take. Each student that takes this test walks away with a clear idea of which test is better and a set of results that our tutors can use to set goals and a study plan.

There is more to success on these exams than academic skills. We know that your child’s attitude and confidence on “game day” are equally, if not more, important. Inspirica’s holistic approach to the process will ensure that your student is prepared in every way. We love our families, we love what we do, and you can be sure that we will guide you every step of the way.

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