Lisa Jacobson

Founder and CEO

Lisa Jacobson began tutoring math to her fellow students in the fifth grade. Her teacher noticed that she had a natural ability for making complicated concepts seem simple, so when the teacher went out on maternity leave, she suggested to the faculty to make Lisa an 11-year-old teaching assistant for the substitute. Thus began a lifelong career in education.

founder-3By the time Lisa enrolled as a freshman at Stanford for college, she had a thriving tutoring business. In those days, if you had problems with a subject in school, you would simply ask your teacher for help. As word spread at home in New Jersey, in California, and then in New York, where she settled after college, parents realized that hiring someone unbiased, outside of school, could make all the difference. Lisa soon had a following of celebrities, politicians, designers, and sports figures and was flown all over the world (no Skype then!) and coined “Tutor to the Stars.” She was one of the very first tutors in the country to tutor students for the SAT. She was 24 years old and working out of her studio apartment with 60 students coming in and out all day long. Inspirica was born.

founder-2Fast-forward to 32 years later. Lisa’s own children are currently in the process of applying to college and taking the same tests your children are. Experiencing the process viscerally as a mom has only deepened her appreciation for the role of parents in the college process and all of the opportunities and challenges that come with a child getting ready to leave the nest.

Inspirica currently has more than 100 world-class tutors, many of whom have been with the company for decades. They are brilliant and caring, and they have the training and expertise to help their students reach their personal best on test day. They tutor students from every corner of the world who want to attend their dream school. Lisa still is intimately involved in the company and with all of our employees. The reputation, expertise, and longevity of Inspirica are incomparable.