Coach Papas

Top Coach & Recruitment Specialist

​”I absolutely count on Inspirica to get my kids the great scores they need.”

If you know anything about high school football, you have heard of the larger-than-life Coach John Papas. Coach was the famed football coach of Boston-area schools, having coached at Harvard, Tufts, and Bentley before finishing his career at Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge. He is also the owner of the well-known New England Elite Football Clinic, the largest clinic of its kind in the United States, specializing in the recruitment of top independent and public school football players who want to play ball at the most competitive colleges in the United States.

Coach was introduced to Inspirica for his own three children. He was shocked that each of his kids increased 300–500 points on the SAT, and in the world of sports and the very tricky “academic index,” each was offered admission to a top college. “My kids had the talent, ability and drive, but without Inspirica they would never have been able to be admitted at Columbia, Trinity, and Amherst. I swear we owe all of their success to Inspirica!

“I am a giant Inspirica fan and have sent all of my athletes to them for years. Often I’ve gotten all of their credentials polished up for a player to attend a top college except for that one SAT or ACT score. I absolutely count on Inspirica to get my kids the great scores they need. The stakes are incredibly high. I get the kids recruited, and Inspirica finishes the job for me.”