Our Agnostic Diagnostic

The Inspirica Agnostic Diagnostic is our proprietary tool for giving our families the best possible test recommendations. This test was developed by a team of professional standardized test tutors at Inspirica with decades of experience between them. Our team painstakingly designed the Agnostic Diagnostic to simulate all of the sections of both the ACT and the SAT in a single sitting by incorporating everything unique to each test, from the question types to the order of the sections to the amount of time allotted per question.







Using this diagnostic tool, our team can analyze a student’s answer patterns and section timing data to fit that student to one of many test-taker profiles we’ve identified. These profiles we’ve developed describe and help us understand the test-taking style of each student and determine the better test for him or her.

We strive to provide parents and students with the best information we can to help them in making the important decision of which test to take, and the Agnostic Diagnostic is how we accomplish that.

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