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Our tutors are centered around everything we do. Like our students, our tutors have a wide variety of skills, interests, and hobbies and come from a variety of backgrounds. We have research scientists, mobile app developers, naval architects, counselors, novelists, bakers, lawyers, martial artists, journalists, artists, actors, and sports marketers, to name a few. They are all at Inspirica because they love helping students succeed and building relationships one-on-one, so we allow them to manage the educational piece, and our full-time staff takes care of everything else!

The personalized approach we take with our families extends to our tutors, as well. Just as our families work with a dedicated Educational Consultant, our tutors collaborate with a local Tutor Manager to get the most out of their time with Inspirica. We match our tutors to students they will enjoy working with and who will benefit from the specific skills and interests our tutors bring to the table. We want our tutors to be unique. Without the added stress of finding students or handling the administrative tasks and materials, our tutors can spend more time in session with the sorts of students they prefer. Graduate students appreciate the flexibility we have to offer, and professionals in other fields find us to be an ideal part-time job to supplement their income.

Before working with students, we provide paid training for our tutors. All training is conducted by our most seasoned tutors, who know what works and can provide the sort of insights a tutor gains only from hours spent working directly with students. Training is only the beginning for an Inspirica tutor. We hold regular professional development workshops so our tutors can share best practices and continue their growth, and we have set up a private social network to continue the conversation beyond the bounds of geography and scheduling. Our tutors have between 1 and 29 years of experience, so we are always learning new strategies to help students increase their scores without losing the tried-and-true methods that have been the cornerstone to our success. Help is never far away with Inspirica.

In each of our offices, we have tutors who have been with us almost since the day we opened our doors. The most common reason a tutor leaves Inspirica? Relocation due to changing personal, academic, or professional pursuits. To learn more about our application process and the sorts of tutors we seek, read on.