Frequently Asked Questions

In general, how many sessions are there in an average tutoring program?

The number of sessions any given student needs depends on many factors: whether the student is preparing for a specific standardized test or is seeking academic support, how much time the student has until the test date, what his or her goals are, and how much work needs to be done to achieve those goals. Some students require only a few hours of tutoring, while others meet frequently over the course of months or even longer. Every student is unique, and Inspirica’s Educational Consultants and expert tutors will evaluate each student’s circumstances in order to uniquely tailor a tutoring program to fit any situation. For a typical test preparation program, most students are able to meet their goals by meeting with their Inspirica tutor once per week for two hours until the test date.

On average, how many hours of homework are students assigned?

The quantity of homework assigned to students is determined by the expert tutor who has been matched with the student. Frequently, the number of homework hours per week is twice the number of tutoring hours. This will vary considerably from student to student, according to the goals of the tutoring program and the needs of the student.

Can I request a particular tutor who was referred to me?

Many of the families Inspirica works with come to us after a friend refers them to us personally. It makes sense that a successful tutoring program with one of our expert tutors prompts this kind of referral. While we will be happy to have your student meet with the tutor you were recommended to, our top priority will be getting your student to work with the right tutor for him or her. We match tutors to students based on the needs, personality, goals, and other circumstances of the student. If your friend had a great experience with one of our tutors, it was because the tutor was a perfect match for that student, and we look forward to finding the perfect match for your student.

My child is an excellent student but does not test well. Will her scores ever be able to match her grades?

The skills a student needs to do well in school are not exactly the same as those needed to do well on standardized tests. Inspirica’s expert tutors are here to help your student learn what he or she needs in order to succeed on the test. The tutoring plan will include learning how to take advantage of the student’s existing academic skills and translating them into the test context, along with learning new material and appropriate test-taking strategies.

How do we find time for tutoring in an already packed schedule?

Students preparing for a test, managing their schoolwork, and beginning the application process have quite a lot on their plates, especially when extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and music are considered. Adding regular tutoring to an already busy schedule is made much simpler and more effective by Inspirica’s flexible scheduling process. Each session is scheduled directly with the expert tutor who has been matched with the student. During the academic year, most tutoring happens in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends. If having a regular time to meet each week is beneficial, our tutors are happy to arrange that. If the student’s schedule changes from week to week, that’s great, too. We will work with you to find the gaps in your schedule that will allow for your student to get the expert preparation that will give him or her an edge.

Where does tutoring take place?

Inspirica’s tutors can meet anywhere that’s convenient for the student: it’s up to you. Most students have their tutoring sessions in their own home, but our tutors are happy to meet elsewhere: at the library, in our office, or even online via Inspirica Anywhere.

Are Inspirica’s tutors qualified to work with students with learning differences?

Inspirica’s expert tutors all have experience teaching students with a range of abilities and challenges. We carefully match the right tutor to each student, ensuring that your student has a tutor that is attuned to his or her needs and well equipped to teach him or her in an effective fashion. We have a number of tutors who have trained with psychologists who specialize in learning differences. Our tutors know that helping students with learning differences requires focused one-on-one attention, patience, plenty of practice, and an ability to inspire the student to do his or her best.