The Inspirica Difference


Our difference stems from our beginnings. Thirty years ago when Lisa Jacobson, our Founder and CEO, started Inspirica, one-on-one tutoring was virtually unknown.

Our core values are integrity, making a difference, caring, and the flexibility to offer families whatever it is they need. Only tutors and staff members who naturally embody those four values are brought into the company. And then they rarely leave: we have the lowest turnover in the industry. We have a full-time staff, so carefully selected at the start, who have now been with us for decades and are thereby able to offer your children the most experienced, qualified, knowledgeable and inspiring world-class tutors. Our tutors have worked with every type of student for every type of test and academic circumstance. They understand that the most important cornerstone of every program is that each child is unique. We will design a completely customized program that we will monitor and modify as needed along the way.

We also have a skilled and caring staff of Educational Consultants (ECs) who are there for you, as a parent. Your involvement is critical to the success of this process and your EC is your dedicated advisor in that role. Think of him or her as your own tutor during this process! Your EC will help you navigate the often stressful admissions testing process especially when family dynamics often temporarily change due to the added pressures. Your EC will contact you with progress notes, ideas and thoughts to help move you and your child forward toward a successful outcome. Should you have questions, worries, or just want to vent about the admissions process, your EC will be at the other end of the phone ready to listen and guide you appropriately.

We love kids, we love what we do and we’ve all worked together as a team long enough to bring all of that positive energy, motivation and knowledge to you and your family. Above all, we know you are looking for a result and you can count on us to do everything possible to inspire your child to get there.